How to Deal With Noisy Roommates

Roommates can be a lot of fun.. at first. But then you start to notice various annoying flaws and suddenly you wish you still lived with your parents. Noisiness is definitely one annoyance that can strain roommates relationship. If your roommates are loud it can prevent you from being productive as well as getting a good nights rest.

The problem is that it’s very difficult to change people’s habits. It takes at least a couple of weeks of persistent work to change a habit. Do your roommates love you or are they afraid of you enough that they’d be willing to self-monitor their noisiness all the time? Probably not. So it’s up to you to adapt or find new roommates. Thankfully, you can reduce your suffering a whole lot by implementing the following tips.

1. Noise-cancelling headphones

I always use headphones when I’m working on the computer, watching a movie, playing video games or reading. Headphones can block out environmental noise, especially if you use noise-cancelling type. Play some binaural beats for concentration or classical music and you won’t notice your roommates at all. I use the Cowin active noise-cancelling headphones all the time and they work like a charm.

2. Ear muffs or ear plugs

This is another great option for blocking noise, especially while sleeping. Some people prefer ear muffs and I’m one of them. Ear plugs have to be inserted inside the ear, and I find it uncomfortable. In either case, both options are pretty cheap and effective.

3. Soundproof your bedroom door

The easiest project involves covering the gaps around the door. There is a gap between the door and the door frame and a gap under the door. To seal the first gap use self-adhesive foam tape. To cover the second gap attach a door sweep to the underside of the door. If there are any cracks in the door, make sure to fix them also.

The second part of soundproofing a door is all about making it thicker with soundproofing materials. This can be accomplished in several ways, best ones being:

  • installing soundproofing panels on the door
  • hanging a heavy moving blanket on the  door
  • hanging a noise-blocking curtain in front of the door
  • install a wooden panel on the door
  • hang clothes and other noise-soaking items on the door

I’ve explained the best ways to utilize this methods and the best materials in this door soundproofing article.

4. Soundproof your bedroom walls

If the noise is really loud, consider also placing soundproofing material on the walls. The most affordable option are moving blankets. If you want a nicer look, soundproofing panels are the best option.

Other methods involve placing mass loaded vinyl or mineral wool batts inside the wall which takes more work and costs more money but it’s also the most effective way to block noise. I explain all of these methods in this wall soundproofing article.

5. Use a white noise machine

White noise is a relaxing type of noise. A white noise machine is a small device used in offices, nurseries, bedrooms and other environments to tackle annoying noises while improving productivity and relaxation. Some people use white noise for meditation as well.

These machines are really affordable and they can last for years. The Adaptive Sound Technologies machine is the most popular one on Amazon with over 8000 customer reviews and a 4.5 star rating at the moment of writing.

6. Make the doors close quietly

If your roommates slam the doors often or the others making weird noises in general, consider making them quieter. This can be done by:

  • lubing up the latch
  • adjusting the metal plate
  • adding rubber or foam on the door frame
  • AND using a door silencer, my favorite device

I explain how to use all of these methods in this article – How to make doors close quietly.

7. Talk to your roommates about their excessive noise

You (probably) can’t change the fact that your roommates are generally loud people. Even if you warn them, they’ll still act pretty much the same. However, some types of behavior should not be tolerated. If they’re partying at home all the time and inviting people at late hours to “chill” while you’re trying to sleep, you definitely should confront them about it.

Your home should be a place for your own relaxation, not a replacement for a night club. If they want to have fun and tell you that you’re acting weird, tell them to go have fun outside. There’s no good reason why they should invite the whole town over to your place to “have fun”. Another things you can definitely confront them about with good results are playing music and watching TV too loud.

8. Go outside to study

Instead of being annoyed by your roommates, consider using a public library or other quiet places outside of your place to study and perform other activities that require deep concentration.

Final Word: How to Deal With Noisy Roommates

The best way to deal with noisy roommates is to confront them about the noise and make them change their habits. This can work with extreme situations as mention in tip number 7. But when it comes to those regular, annoying noises it’s very hard because they’re probably used to behaving like that since childhood.

So the best alternative is to block the noise by using headphones, ear muffs or ear plugs when you have to. If you have a room of your own, also consider soundproofing the door and the walls which will both reduce the noise and improve your personal privacy. Hope this helps!

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