How to Vape Quietly & Discreetly (Stealth, Zero Vaping, Devices..)

Vaping produces more smoke than smoking a cigarette. That’s what makes it so fun and what makes vaping a simple way to quit smoking tobacco!

Unfortunately a stronger vape device can also produce noise that isn’t really considered quiet. So if you wish to discreetly vape at times, how can you do it?

There are two main strategies that you can use: stealth vaping and zero vaping. Stealth vaping is a half-measure, while zero vaping as the name suggests is completely discreet because you don’t exhale any vapor. Here’s a breakdown of these two popular methods:

Stealth Vaping (Full Guide)

This method involves using small vapes that put out medium-size or small vapor. This way you can regulate the exhaled vapor’s size to be barely visible when necessary.

Low power devices that have a tight MTL draw are the best for this purpose. They’re also known as stealth vapes.

If you’ve vaped before, you’ve noticed that vapor has only a slight aroma. When you’re vaping small quantities it’s basically odorless.

However, if you want to COMPLETELY go undetected this isn’t the way to go. Because you’ll still make a small but visible amount of vapor.

So if you’re looking for a quiet vaping method to use in areas where vaping is outright forbidden, for example on public transit or a government institution, it’s not the smartest idea.

Common places where vaping is banned:

  • Airplanes
  • Government property grounds
  • Public transportation
  • Theaters
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Your workplace

Basically, any area that has a “no smoking” sign also means “no vaping”. The FDA has deemed vape products as tobacco products, so in the eyes of the law it’s basically the same.

How to stealth vape

Stealth vaping is like a sneaky ninja art form. You can get really good at it, and people do tend to use it in risky places where vaping is banned but they feel the urge and do it anyway.

However, anyone can get relatively good at it quickly. Just follow these 3 basic steps and you’ll be well on your way to mastering stealth vaping:

1. Get a small pod vape

To vape undetected, you first need to have a small device that you can easily conceal and hide in small pockets. A device that will also produce very little noise, way less than a common pod vape.

These little ones often look like highlighters or flash drives, even key fobs or lighters. The general rule is: the smaller the device is, the less vapor and noise it produces.

I recently bought a small Ariasource vape pen which can be used for both wax and oil. It’s affordable, discreet and has a good battery life.

2. Cover the LED lights

LED lights look nice but they will draw unwanted attention. It turns on when you’re drawing on the device. Make sure to conceal it with your finger, especially in darker settings.

3. Take small puffs

Drawing in longer will inevitably lead to bigger vapor. So take short few second puffs. This rule applies even if you’re using ultraportable small vape kits.

When you’re just about to exhale, purse your lips to blow a tighter steam of vapor. Direct it downwards or at any other direction away from onlookers.

Zero Vaping (Full Guide)

This is often considered the pinnacle of stealth vaping because you don’t exhale any vapor. You should do this only with smaller devices like the before mentioned Ariasource device that I recently got. Otherwise you might end up coughing all that vapor out which won’t be pleasant or very stealthy.

Once you’ve mastered zero vaping, you’ll be able to vape virtually anywhere without anyone having the slightest clue (except for a fellow vaping enthusiast).

Of course, someone could still notice the device and draw the conclusion that you’re vaping. So make sure to use an ultraportable small device that you can conceal in your palm along with any LED lights and sounds. Also make sure to conceal any airhole on the device through which a small amount of vapor could exit.

How to zero vape

Zero vaping involves some practice, but if you follow these steps repeatedly it will become almost second nature.

First difference between regular and zero vaping is that with zero vaping there’s a little breath holding involved. So you may need to adjust your normal vaping technique to accommodate this change.

Take relatively short puffs. Begin as an MTL draw where vapor is first held in the mouth a moment before going to the lungs.

1. Take a few short inhales

Instead of immediately exhaling, quickly inhale a short bit of air through mouth and nose. Don’t exhale just yet! Repeat this one or twice. Your chest will somewhat expand as increased amount of air goes in. Now you should hold your breath for an extra second or a little longer. Then exhale with lips tightly pursed.

2. Do one deep inhale

Take a small puff and send it to the lungs with a long and deep inhale that lasts about 3-5 seconds. This doesn’t have to be aggressively done, but it should last a few seconds and the inhale should be deep and steady. Then exhale with pursed lips

In both cases the vapor is kept longer in your body so it has more time to evaporate than normally when you exhale it immediately. I suggest following one or the other technique completely at first just to get a hang of it. Then you can experiment with longer or shorter breath holds, longer or shorter hits to develop your own natural style.

If your nicotine level is too high from doing this and it doesn’t feel comfortable, simply stop and resume your normal vaping technique. There’s no point in vaping if it doesn’t feel good. Alternatively, switch to a low or zero-nicotine solution.

Why some vaping devices are louder than others

  • SIZE – Size determines the strength of the device, and larger devices produce more vapor and more noise.
  • AIRFLOW – More airflow equals more noise. It’s the air going through the holes that produces the noise. Use a device with smaller holes and conceal the airhole with your hand to block some of the sound.

Final Word on Vaping Quietly

Many people don’t realize that vaping is way safer than smoking (according to this study it’s 95% safer) so they treat it like smoking cigarettes.

They believe that second-hand vapor is dangerous for their health, even though it’s been proven to be completely non-toxic. For these reasons, knowing how to vape quietly and discreetly can be a major asset for any enthusiastic vaper. I also recommend checking out this video for more visual-oriented explanation of stealth vaping:

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