10 Best Soundproof Blankets For Doors: Reviewed in 2022!

If your door is thin and hollow it can leak sound like crazy, both in and out. A very simple and effective method for reducing noise AND improving acoustics in a room is hanging a thick blanket on the door.

But not just any blanket. Some are specifically designed to provide greater sound absorption due to thickness, size, combination of materials and the number of well connected layers of fabric that can trap sound. Appearance and price also play a role, and I’ve taken them into consideration.

Some of these blankets have holes and grommets so you can hang them in front of a door. Others don’t, so you will either have to make them yourself or place the blanket directly on the door.

With all of that information in mind, these 10 blankets came out on top for door soundproofing based on my tests and research:

1. Sure-Max Moving Blankets

  • Color: Black and grey
  • Dimensions: 80-inches | Width: 72-inches
  • Material: Cotton
  • Product Weight: 5-1/4 pounds (single blanket)
  • Quantity: 4 pack

These blankets are dual-layered with padded virgin cotton and polyester binding, and they also have zigzag stitches that make them durable. The weight, quality materials, and large size all work together to make these blankets effective for soundproofing projects.

When I bought them, I discovered that they had an odor. And being allergic, I had to wash them thoroughly and air them out for 48 hours just in case. I found that they are very durable blankets since they didn’t wear out on washing. They’re pretty heavy and I found that hanging just one of these bad boys on a door can block quite a bit of noise.

2. Econo Deluxe Moving Blankets

  • Dimensions: 80″ x 72″
  • Material: polyester
  • Color: black/grey
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds (1 blanket)
  • Quantity: 6 pack

Although they are primarily made for moving, these blankets function can also be utilized for serious sound reduction. They are made of non-woven polyester and have zigzag stitches that increase their durability.

They’re quite large and weigh 5.5 pounds per blanket, but they’re not too heavy to install on a regular door or hang from a rod like a noise-reducing curtain.

The only drawback that I found on these blankets is that they are not machine-washable since they are intended for limited use in moving. Thankfully they didn’t smell bad so that wasn’t an issue.

3. Cargo Control Large Sound Dampening Blanket

  • Dimensions: 96″ x 80″
  • Material: Polyester/cotton
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 12 pounds (1 blanket)
  • Quantity: 1

I liked this blanket because it’s enormous (96×80), and I could cover a larger space than with other blankets. The blanket is made for professional soundproofing, unlike most other blankets that are made primarily for moving. The blanket is also heavy and thick with a cotton filling that makes it an ultimate solution for dampening much of the sound.

It is also important to note that this blanket comes with nine fitted grommets that make it easy for you to hang it. I bought four of these blankets and hung them in my recording room. And guess what! The results were terrific. The blankets absorb much outside and inside noise, and I’m finally able to record videos without having to edit out background noise.

The only problem with it is the annoying smell when it’s straight out of the package, but it smells fresh after machine-washing. This blanket is not only high quality but also affordable. If you need a soundproofing blanket for your recording studio or you want to cancel noise from neighbors, then safely give it a try.

4. Forearm Quilted Soundproofing Blanket

  • Dimensions: 80″ x 72″
  • Material: polyester/polypropylene
  • Color: blaze orange/black
  • Weight: 7 pounds (1 blanket)
  • Quantity: 1

I first attached this blanket on my baby’s room to see if it would help him sleep better without us having to tip toe around the door. I’m happy to say that it worked well!

This is a heavy-duty blanket weighing 7 pounds with a large size of 80″ by 72″. It is made of a blend of woven polyester and non-woven polypropylene, dense and thick throughout. It also has double stitching with cloth binding on all sides that make it strong and long-lasting. And since it is machine-washable, you can use it for a long time.

The only challenge is that the blanket does not come with grommets, and neither does it have holes. So you have to fix your grommets or use whatever means to hang them on your door. Having said that, this blanket can help you manage noise and is also considerably cheap. So, if you are constrained budget-wise it’s another go-to option.

5. Stalwart Heavy Duty Moving Blanket

  • Dimensions: 73.5″ x 80″
  • Material: Polyester/cotton
  • Color: blue/black
  • Weight: 3.64 pounds (1 blanket)
  • Quantity: 1

This blanket is filled with cotton padding and also has zigzag stitches that makes it quite durable. Although it’s not the thickest, I found it plenty thick for door soundproofing against moderate noise. The reduced weight can be an advantage if your door hinges are not strong enough to withstand the added weight of a heavier blanket.

6. DINY Moving Blanket

  • Dimensions: 40″ x 72″
  • Material: Polyester/cotton
  • Color: blue
  • Weight: 2.25 pounds (1 blanket)
  • Quantity: 1

This blanket is relatively smaller (40″ by 72″) and lighter than others in the market, so I’d use it if you’re dealing with lesser noise. It also has double stitching that makes it durable, and it can serve you for a long time.

I bought this blanket to reduce noise coming from a dog crate, and it got the job done without getting the temperature in the crate too high (I obviously left one side open for air).

This blanket doesn’t have holes or grommets, so you will have to add them on your own if you wish to hang it.

7. uBoxes Deluxe Moving Blankets

  • Dimensions: 72″ x 80″
  • Material: Polyester/cotton
  • Color: black/red
  • Weight: 5.42 pounds (1 blanket)
  • Quantity: 2

These blankets are heavy and large. I was attracted to buying them due to the immensely positive reviews and the relatively low price. And everything went well! With polyester cover and filled with cotton padding, these blankets dampen much sound. Though, they are not grommeted and so you will have to improvise ways of hanging them.

They are cost-effective and you can soundproof two large doors easily. They also have zigzag stitches that make them strong and durable for long-term use.

Considering their price and soundproofing effectiveness, I would recommend that you go for them. But before you open the pack, be ready for an awful smell. You’ll probably need to wash them and air-dry them first if the smell bothers you.

8. Econo Saver Moving Blankets

  • Dimensions: 72″ x 80″
  • Material: polyester/cotton
  • Color: blue
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds (1 blanket)
  • Quantity: 4

Econo Saver is another excellent product from the U.S Cargo Control though different from the Econo Deluxe discussed earlier. Although they are relatively lighter, they are extra thicker with a cotton battling interior, which is a nice addition for soundproofing purposes. Also, they are made of non-woven polyester, a durable and robust material.

I bought these blankets to soundproof my son’s room since he’s practicing his guitar and we have a nursery next door. Worked like a charm! The only drawback of these blankets is that they are not machine washable. But since they do the job and they are affordable, I can safely recommend them.

9. Sure-Max Pro Economy Blanket

  • Dimensions: 72″ x 80″
  • Material: Polyester/cotton
  • Color: navy blue/black
  • Weight: 2-3/4 pounds (1 blanket)
  • Quantity: 1

This is another fantastic product from Sure-Max. What sealed the deal for me is the superior cushioning by padded virgin cotton and a polyester binding. Both important factors in durability, improving acoustics and sound dampening. However, the blanket has a strong chemical smell, and you will want to wash it before hanging on a door. The good thing is that you can machine-wash them and air dry them. Oh, and one more thing – the price is reasonable!

10. ABN Universal Utility Blanket

  • Dimensions: 72″ x80″
  • Material: synthetic fiber
  • Color: blue
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds (1 blanket)
  • Quantity: 1

This is another moving blanket that offers fantastic soundproofing solution for your home or studio door. A single blanket weighs 3.5 pounds and is multi-layered with padding and strong fiber bindings. The extra cotton fillers embedded in the blanket act as sound filters and muffle sound within the fibers, thus preventing sound from penetrating through them. I also like the blue color as it blends in well with a regular room interior.

The main downside is that the blanket does not have holes or grommets, so you will need to modify it for hanging.

A Short Buyer’s Guide

My advice is to focus on the dimensions and heaviness/thickness of a blanket, because you will need to cover the entire door to get the best results. And the heavier the blanket is, the better it is able to block sound.

Keep in mind that you can add multiple blankets to increase their heaviness/thickness and soundproofing capabilities. At the same time, make sure that the door hinge can withstand the added weight.

Lastly, consider the color/design and whether the blanket will fit well in the room appearance wise. The price of these blankets is very similar, but it’s still worth drawing a comparison to save a few bucks. All the links lead to Amazon product pages so you can check out the current price for yourself.

Hope this helps!

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