Top 7 Quiet Under Desk Ellipticals & Buyer’s Guide (TESTED REVIEWS)

Are you trying to burn calories and keep your legs busy? And best of all, while comfortably sitting at your desk? Using an under-desk elliptical is a great way to do it.

These compact, portable exercise machines burn about 150 calories an hour. Using a regular elliptical machine burns about 350 calories. But hey, with the under-desk version you can actually do some real work while you’re at it. The problem is that both elliptical types can be too loud to focus on anything besides getting yourself in shape. They can also distract your coworkers if you’re using them in an office environment.

To make your life easier, I’ve tested 20 of the most popular under desk ellipticals. I really paid attention to the amount of noise they make. The following 7 ellipticals stood out overall in terms of quietness, sturdiness, workout options and affordability.

I ended up purchasing the #1 on the list to use in my home office and while playing video games (yes, I’m a proud man child). I’m also proud to say that I’ve been using it almost every day these past two weeks. It’s made my procrastination sessions way more productive, almost to a point where I don’t even feel guilty about them.

If you’re in a hurry, these are the top picks (with aff. links to Amazon):

  1. LifePro Under Desk Elliptical
  2. ATIVAFIT Under Desk Elliptical
  3. PERLECARE Under Desk Elliptical
  4. DeskCycle Ellipse Under Desk Elliptical
  5. Cubii JR2+ Portable Seated Under Desk Elliptical
  6. PROHIKER Under Desk Elliptical Bike
  7. SUNNY Health and Fitness Elliptical

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1. LifePro Under Desk Elliptical

  • Compact Design: It is light-weight (weighing only 5 pounds) and compact. The handle at the top is great to lift it to move it from chair to chair and room to room. It is portable and stows neatly when you’re not using it.
  • Pedal Specifics: It is designed to support 110 pounds of weight on one So, a great option for bigger people. Plus, the pedals are wide and long enough to accommodate a range of foot sizes. The pedals are also rugged to prevent the feet from sliding when using the elliptical. However, their texture isn’t too rough so you can go bare foot as well.
  • Monitor Specifics: It has a built-in monitor that has a 2” by 2” LCD It uses 2 AAA batteries to power the LCD screen. The monitor can show you your exercise duration, how much distance have you covered, strides per minute aka your speed, how many total strides you managed and estimated calories burned. Also, the monitor shuts down automatically after 4 minutes of idle time that conserves the life of the batteries.


  • It will take you only 5 minutes to set the machine up after you open the package. It easily goes under a standard desk.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty so you can easily return. Plus, it costs under $200 which makes it a low risk purchase.
  • It is whisper quiet. Doesn’t squeak or make audible noises to sway your attention to your workout when you’re multitasking.


  • Although it has 8 resistance levels, the difference is not that noticeable from one level to the next.
  • The mat that comes with it may slip on hard floors while you’re are using it

2. ATIVAFIT Under Desk Elliptical Bike, Pedal Exerciser

  • About ATIVAFIT ELLIPTICAL: One of the best under desk ellipticals available in the market. It allows you to pedal while sitting and standing.
  • Compact Design: It is also compact and light-weight, weighing just 27 pounds.
  • Pedal Specifics: Large pedals that have a weight capacity of 220. The pedals are designed with an anti-slip surface to keep your feet from slipping when you work out. This elliptical also features massage function in the pedals. Nothing like a relaxing foot massage at work, eh?
  • Monitor Specifics: A small LCD screen helps you keep track of your total number of strides, speed, distance covered and estimated calories burned.


  • ATIVAFIT mini elliptical is super quiet and features a magnetic resistance mechanism. This mechanism ensures smooth and quiet pedal motion even when pedaling super fast.
  • The assembly is a walk in the park because it comes 90% assembled.
  • There’s no mess of wires sticking out. It is a neat, compact under desk elliptical.


  • The monitor screen has no backlight so it is hard to view what the machine says. Especially if you’re working out while standing.

3. PERLECARE Under Desk Elliptical

  • About PERLECARE: This is Amazon’s choice for under desk ellipticals. So, it’s worth it. Because Amazon’s choice depends on customer ratings and selling quantities. PERLECARE under desk elliptical allows you to use it in standing and sitting positions. It can neatly fit under a standard height office desk. It has 8 resistance levels that range from very easy to very hard.
  • Design: It is light-weight, compact and easy to store.
  • Pedal Specifics: Not only is the pedal surface anti-slip, but the bottom of the machine and the support rods as well. The pedals are pleasantly textured and large enough to accommodate a range of foot sizes.
  • Monitor: Just like the others it comes with an LCD display that tracks the work out. From total number of strides and distance travelled to estimated amount of burned calories.


  • One year warranty.
  • The anti-slip EVA padding makes it an affordable quiet elliptical. The company recommends lubricating the machine regularly with oil to ensure continuity of smooth and quiet operation.


  • Assembly isn’t as easy as the other options.
  • LCD has no backlight so it is hard to view.
  • If you amp it up to maximum resistance, it will become a little noisier than the low resistances.

4. DeskCycle Ellipse Under Desk Elliptical

  • About DESKCYCLE ELLIPSE: This elliptical would be higher on my list, if it weren’t high in price. However, it’s a 100% value for money. Also, it goes neatly under a desk that is less than the standard height (as short as 24”).
  • Design: It isn’t as light weight as the other options but it is compact. Plus, it doesn’t have a handle to grip and carry.
  • Pedal Specifics: The pedals are long with anti-slip surfaces. They can accommodate up to 220 pounds weight in sitting position.
  • Monitor: Just like the others, the monitor on the DeskCycle also shows you how much work out you have been able to achieve per session. However, if you like to keep the stats of your total workout under observation, you can keep track of weekly or monthly workout on the company’s website.


  • It’s designed to operate quietly. Thanks to the large anti-slip pedals and magnetic resistance.
  • 8 resistance levels that differ greatly.
  • Easy assembly. All we had to do is attach the pedals and hook the LCD screen on.


  • It may be quiet, but it comes with a price. While the competitor ellipticals don’t go over $120… This is a high end elliptical that’ll cost you more than $250.
  • Software package for tracking your workout activity is not included. You will have to sign up .

Let’s hear it from someone who has owned it for months:

5. Cubii JR2+ Portable Seated Under Desk Elliptical

  • About Cubii JR2+: At almost the same price as the above elliptical, CUBII JR2+ is an upgrade of Cubii Jr. This under desk elliptical comes with a handle to transport it and a monitor just like the other ellipticals. It also has 8 resistance levels that actually differ in resistance. All this, plus it has hockey-puck sized anchors that attach to any standard office chair wheels. These anchors keep your office chair from rolling around as you use the machine.
  • Design: The elliptical is compact and designed ergonomically. That means special attention to it being quiet as you use it. Storing the equipment when not in use is also a breeze. Thanks to its compact design. The assembly takes only 2-3 minutes.
  • Pedals: Pedals are large with anti-slip surface that can accommodate a wide range of foot sizes.
  • Monitor: Like all other ellipticals, this comes with an LCD display as well. Plus, it can also connectwith Bluetooth on the app on your smartphone. This allows you to keep a record of your workout across different devices.


  • Magnetic resistance makes it super quiet. Although it is not your cup of tea if you are a serious athlete, it is easy to keep you going while seated on your chair.
  • Other than the slight swishing of the pedals, Cubii JR2+ is noise-free. It doesn’t make any noise that can disturb coworkers or anyone around you.
  • Large anti-slip pedals create less vibration while using. So, it is a super quiet option.


  • Price! It may be worth the money but costs about $150 more than the competitors. Something to bear in mind when making a choice.
  • The anti-slip mat doesn’t come with the elliptical so you will have to buy it separately. Without it, it may slip on hard floors.
  • It is heavy… If you suffer from back problems, we wouldn’t recommend carrying it.

Here’s a short review video:

6. PROHIKER Under Desk Elliptical Bike

  • About PROHIKER UNDER DESK ELLIPTICAL: Another great affordable option for a quiet under desk elliptical. It requires no assembly. It is ready to go under your desk as it comes out of the box. It can be used with or without power supply.
  • Design: It is compact and uses gliding wheels as you pedal so it is noise-free. It has a handle to carry it around but it sure is heavy!
  • Pedals: Large, anti-slip pedals glide on high quality wheels that make it go smoothly, making no sound. The pedals are large enough to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes like other ellipticals.
  • Monitor: It has a rather tiny LCD display that tracks your work out. It may be hard to see while your torso is swaying around when you pedal.


  • Large anti-slip pedals make it easy to use. The smooth gliding wheels that make it noise-free.
  • No assembly requirement means you can use it as soon as it arrives.


  • It is a bit heavy.
  • Based on long-term users reviews, it requires regular lubrication to be quiet.

A video highlighting its features for you:

7. SUNNY Health and Fitness Elliptical

  • About SUNNY Health and Fitness Elliptical: Great looking and affordable elliptical. It arrives assembled and ready to go under your office desk. It has a centrally located handle to hold it comfortably when you want to carry it to another place.
  • Design: It is compact and goes neatly under a standard office desk. It comes with 8 resistance levels that range from easy to hard. Using the knob, you can adjust the resistance according to need and convenience.
  • Pedals: Large anti slip pedals have a belt drive. The magnetic resistance makes the pedals glide smoothly without making any sound.
  • Monitor: The LCD display gives you numbers of your speed, the distance you managed to travel and estimated amount of burned calories.


  • It is affordable.
  • The best thing about this elliptical we liked was its noise-free use. The belt drive mechanism paired with magnetic resistance makes it whisper-quiet.


  • Nothing in particular.

Here’s a video for this one:

Buyer’s Guide:

  • Look for magnetic resistance over air resistance when choosing the elliptical with a resistance knob. The latter is noisier.
  • Choose one that suits your body type. It should go without saying that the machine will wear out faster (and hence become noisier) if it doesn’t match your body type.
  • Go for an elliptical that matches well with your natural gait. It makes sense that if the speed of your stride is higher than what the elliptical is designed for, it will be noisier.
  • The wheels under the pedals should be made with high quality material. The higher quality material, the less noise they’ll make. Always use a mat when you operate an elliptical on hard floors.
  • Pay attention to the ball bearings as well. They should be high quality as well.
  • Regularly lubricating can keep it running smoothly and quietly. Check out this video on how to lubricate an under desk elliptical.
  • It will be ideal that your elliptical comes with a shock absorbent rubber pad at the bottom. It will play an important role in the smooth and quiet operation of the elliptical. Of course, you can also purchase a rubber pad or mat separately.

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