Quietest Leaf Blowers: The One I’m Using and 3 Other Quiet Blowers

Leaf blower is indispensable lawn gear for anyone with a larger garden. Especially during autumn. I’ve been using a leaf blower ever since I moved from my crummy apartment into a house with a beautiful garden.

But as we all know, leaf blowers can be REALLY noisy. Not only can the noise wreck havoc on your ears, but it can also annoy the cr** out of the neighbors. Especially if you like to use it in the early morning.

For this reason, I went on a shopping hunt, looking for the quietest leaf blower available. I discovered one (pretty obvious) fact that narrowed my search by a lot.

Electric and Battery-Powered Leaf Blowers Are Quieter

This is what I discovered and it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Leaf blowers that run on gas are almost always louder than electric and battery powered ones.

This is true for other lawn gear as well. The difference seems to be in the size of the motor, and also the various belts and wheels that twist and turn in a gas-powered motor, which are not present in the electric and battery-powered ones.

While they’re quieter, battery powered leaf blowers also need to be recharged after a period of use. That’s the one negative aspect of using them. But the lowered noise definitely makes up for this small inconvenience.

How to Know Which Leaf Blower is the Quietest?

It’s hard to know for sure, but we can look at decibel rating when available, some motor specifications, and customer reviews in order to determine which ones are the quietest. As long as we stick to non-gas powered models, we’ll definitely be on the quiet end of the spectrum.

The Quiet Leaf Blower that I’m Currently Using

Having said that, the electric Black+Decker Blower is the leaf blower that I’m currently using and I’m more than happy with.

Not only is it safe for my ears (I don’t wear any ear protection when using it) but it’s also quiet enough that I can use it any time of the day without worrying about annoying the neighbors.

On top of that, it’s a blower, vacuum and mulcher all in one package, so it’s really handy for more than just blowing leaves in the garden.

The official DBA (perceived amount of noise) given by the manufacturer is 68. There are also different speeds that can be manually switched between. The lesser blowing options naturally provide a further decrease in noise.

However, there are two things that I don’t like about this blower.

First of all it’s pretty heavy, weighing 8 lbs. Using it for extended period of time can provide a sore muscle the next morning. Unless you take strategic breaks every now and then.

The second thing is the leaf bag. You can suction the leafs with the vacuum option, but the bag sometimes falls off. So what I did was use two elastic bands to make sure it doesn’t stick. I still wish they made a better design solution for this.

But overall, I can safely recommend it for people with small and medium-sized gardens. It’s pretty affordable as well (costs around $70).

Other Quiet Leaf Blowers

While I personally haven’t used the following leaf blowers, I compared the decibel rating, features and what actual users have to say about them. They seem to be very similar to the Black+Decker that I’m currently using in terms of quiet operation, and some might be even quieter if decibel ratings can be trusted.

Händewerk Battery-Powered 130 MPH Leaf Blower

This leaf blower has a great reputation for being exceptionally quiet. It’s also got many other cool features that I would look for if I was buying one right now.

One of them is its light weight. It weighs just about 4 lbs. Trust me, this means a lot if you’re using it for prolonged periods of time and don’t have to switch hands or take breaks.

It’s also battery powered and therefore cordless, so you don’t have to worry about dragging the cord along with you as you move across the yard. A regular charger for the battery is part of the package. When the battery recharges, you place it back inside, turn on the big button and you’re ready to go. No complications.

There are also variable speeds included, with the highest option being 130 MPH of wind speed. Now, the highest MPH speed on my leaf blower is 250 MPH, so I wish this one was more powerful. But I rarely go above 150 MPH anyway. And this is probably the reason why it’s so lightweight and quiet in the first place.

It’s really the quietness and lightness that make it stand out, while still providing decent wind speed. This blower is pretty affordable, around $70-$80.

Greenworks 7 Amp Electric 160 MPH Blower

Looking for a REALLY affordable blower (under $30)? Then you’ll love this bad boy from Greenworks (no pun intended). With about 2500 customer reviews on Amazon, this is the most popular leaf blower on the market.

Now let’s be realistic – this is a really simple leaf blower. Don’t expect miracles in terms of power and features. It has only one speed, instead of the variable speeds available on many other blowers that cost a little more.

It’s a corded blower, which you may or may not prefer. There’s no recharging necessary, but it’s corded. I personally don’t mind that, but I know that some people prefer the batter-powered cordless configuration.

A good thing about it is the light weight (only 4.5 lbs) which is still much lighter than the 8 pounder that I’m currently using! It’s also got a bit more power than the Handwerk model mentioned above (160 MPH rather than 130 MPH).

Also, many users are commenting that it’s really quiet and that’s probably got to do with the small electric single-speed motor.

Overall, this is the best really affordable option. I wouldn’t buy this blower for getting rid of all the leaves in my garden. But for tidying up the porch and parts that really bug you, it can certainly come in handy. And some are even using it to dry their cars!

Greenworks Pro Cordless Blower, 2.0 Ah Battery Included (Only 60 dB!)

Yep, only 60 dB. If the Black+Decker seems pretty quiet to me, I can only imagine this Greenworks model to be SUPER QUIET. This is a larger blower that would be a good choice for people with medium-sized and even large gardens.

It’s the most expensive blower on this list but I’ve put it here thanks to the quiet operation and the excellent features. Nice interface, variable speeds, quick recharge of the battery, quiet operation and enough power to get rid of all the wet and dirty leaves from the gutters or any other place on the property.

One negative thing is the weight. Weighing 8.9 lbs, it’s 0.8 lbs heavier than my leaf blower and I think mine is already on the heavy side. But that’s to be expected with high power lawn gear.

The fact that they were able to keep the noise at 60 dB is amazing, and it’s probably due to the lithium ion battery-powered motor and the fact that the battery lasts only 70 minutes. Yes, I consider that a downside if you have a large garden, because you’ll need to recharge often.

Other than that, this is a powerful and quiet leaf blower that many people enjoy using. With over 70% five star reviews it already has a proven reputation so the risk is really at a minimum.

Final Thoughts

Leaf blowers, lawn mowers, vacuums… all of this gear and appliances can produce a ton of noise and disturb others will ruining your ears at the same time.

This is not something you should tolerate. If you ever have the chance of using a quieter model, grab it with both hands. In case you’re buying a leaf blower at the moment, I’m sure that this list will come in handy.

So I hope this helps and be sure to hang around for more Soundproof Advice!

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