Top 5 Quietest Under-Desk Treadmills In 2023: Tested Reviews!

These under-desk treadmills include a conveyor belt that can be conveniently slid under any standing desk you’re working at. I personally found this a great way to add more value to my standing desk area. Why not walk or jog and burn those extra calories while being mentally productive as well? Why not hit two birds with one stone?

But I know what’s bothering you – the god awful noise that some treadmills make. Well, I tested over a dozen models that are supposedly on the quiet side in order to find the ones that fit the bill.

According to my experience, the following 5 under-desk treadmills have the best mix of quietness, important functionality features and sturdy parts. I also took into consideration their respective prices to get you the best deals available, since so many treadmills are overpriced for no good reason apart from the brand name and marketing hype.

Can Treadmills Really Be Quiet?

When you think of a treadmill, the word ‘quiet’ isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Anyone who’s used treadmills knows that these machines make quite a bit of noise.

So, to some people, it might sound like a ridiculously bad idea when I say, “Hey, use a treadmill to walk while you work!” How are you even supposed to focus on work with all that distracting noise?

Well, worry not, because I, too, am a fellow hater of unnecessary sound and find it hard to focus on anything when there’s too much of it. So you can rest assured that these specific treadmills are quiet enough that they won’t bother you or those around you that much. Yes, you’ll hear your steps, but it’s not some banging noise that will make the neighbor’s dog bark like crazy.

Furthermore, can also make any treadmill quieter by implementing some of my 11 tips for making a treadmill quieter.

Top 5 Quietest Under-Desk Treadmills

Now, you might be dreading having to read all these reviews and features on multiple under-desk treadmills or even putting it off. You don’t have to anymore!

Lucky for you, I’ve already looked into all the features on under-desk treadmills for you, and today I have for you my favorite under-desk treadmills that make little to no noise.

If you’re in a hurry, these are my top 5 recommendations (with affiliate links to Amazon):

  1. Go Plus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill – Best Under Desk Treadmill For Running
  2. Lifespan TR1200 D-53 – Most Well-Rounded
  3. Go Youth 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill – Best Choice of Features
  4. RhythmFun Under Desk Treadmill – Best For Saving Space
  5. Umay portable Treadmill – Best Portable Under Desk Treadmill

And here are my full reviews of these treadmills if you want all the nitty-gritty details:

1. Go Plus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill- Best Under Desk Treadmill For Running

This treadmill is for those who want to use their under desk treadmill as a full treadmill later on as well, just to add more to its functionality. I like this treadmill because no matter how much I run or walk on it, it is ultra-quiet, and its motor is pretty dedicated to keeping it that way.

The treadmill has a moderate weight compared to most of the ones on the list. It is not too heavy, but it’s not the lightest one on here either (it weighs about 74 pounds). Regardless, it is fairly portable, in my opinion.

The non-slip and shock absorbing features made the running experience pretty comfortable, and I like the added extra features they put in this for safety.


  • In terms of being quiet, this one is probably the best on the list. I saw many reviews about people praising how good its 2.25 Hp motor runs and how quiet it is, and I agree, even if you use this in a busy place with thin walls, people wouldn’t hear much aside from your steps.
  • It has a fairly good weight capacity of about 265 pounds. Yes, it’s not the best on the list, but for these features, you won’t find any better.
  • Aside from a bright LED display of your progress and Bluetooth, this treadmill comes with remote control and a safety key as well! This makes it extra safe to use
  • The best feature about this is its variety in running speeds. The under-desk treadmill mode allows for speeds of 1-4 km/h, whereas the treadmill mode can allow up to 12km/h.


  • Unfortunately, this treadmill has one of the smaller walk paths on the list (about 16 to 41 inches). It is small for tall people.
  • There is no incline on this treadmill.

2.   Lifespan TR1200 D-53 – Most Well-Rounded

Let me begin by warning you that this is a Ferrari of under-desk treadmills. The price is telling – it’s just under $1200.

Before using this treadmill, I had heard a lot about it, and I’d seen many sites giving it excellent reviews. That and the fact that it is also an Amazon Bestseller prompted me to put it to the test, and I decided to see for myself once and for all if it was really all that.

It definitely did not disappoint! Although it’s on the higher end in terms of price, I would say it’s worth it if you want to have an amazing experience using it for years to come.

I used this treadmill comfortably for up to even 6 hours in a day. Very quiet, very comfortable and features a very powerful motor. Despite of the rather extravagant price, I think this is great value for money, and you’ll hardly hear a peep from it while it’s running.


  • Aside from counting steps and allowing custom personal settings, I like that this treadmill also has an auto-pause feature. It includes Bluetooth and a good display,
  • The motor is 2.25Hp and quite powerful. Despite that, it is still very quiet while running.
  • It has a large weight capacity (350 pounds) and is suitable for people of many sizes.
  • Another thing about the treadmill is that it has good shocks absorption, is comfortable to use with a large space to walk (20 to 50 inches)


  • I didn’t like that you can’t start the treadmill at your speed of desire. You have to start from the lowest speed and press buttons to beep your way up to the required speed. This sometimes becomes annoying because the treadmill automatically shuts off within 20 seconds of inactivity. If I step away from it for just a bit to grab something, it turns off, and I have to restart it and again beep my way up to the speed I want, which becomes inconvenient and impractical after a while. If you find the beeping annoying, you can fix that issue by using “Engineering Mode.”
  • It is heavy (around 119-130 pounds), so it’s not easily portable.

3.   Go Youth 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill – Best Features

Another Amazon bestseller on the list, and I must say, I was impressed with the performance and features of this treadmill.

This treadmill is good for people looking for a treadmill that can be used for more than just walking. It has a speed limit higher than most under desk treadmills which is why it’s a 2 in 1. I did try using it for running too, and my experience turned out to be great. I wouldn’t recommend running or walking too fast while you’re working, though, because that might become too hectic.

I liked the durable build of this treadmill. Usually, treadmills that max out on features and still come at an affordable price like this one compromise on quality and are very feeble. This one, however, is different.


  • The speed limit on this machine starts from 0.5mph and goes up to 6mph, which is very suitable for jogging as well.
  • Its motor is also a 2.25Hp ultra-quiet motor, and I didn’t have any noise problems with this.
  • It’s very easily portable and only weighs about 50-60 pounds making it very lightweight. It also has small wheels.
  • It has a clear and vibrant LED display that shows the number of calories burned, time spent, steps taken, distance covered, and the speed it’s running at. Aside from Bluetooth, it also has a remote control and 12 programs to choose from.


  • It has a relatively low weight capacity of only 220 pounds, making it difficult to use for bigger folks.
  • It has a relatively small walk path of around 15.75 to 41.34 inches which might make it unsuitable for very tall people to use.

4.   RhythmFun Under Desk Treadmill – Best For Saving Space

When I talk about this treadmill, I just have to say how much I love the fact that it comes pre-assembled.

It’s also the most comfortable one for walking due to the spacious belt and good shock absorbance.

However, its speed limit is the lowest on the list, with a range of only 0.5-3.7 mph, which is a brisk walk at most. It was fine with me, and I enjoyed my experience with it, but it cannot be used by people looking to run or jog on their under desk treadmill.

Another nice bonus is the self-lubrication system. You do not need to lubricate the belt manually. You just need to pour the lubricant in the oiling part, and you’re done!

This treadmill is also very quiet and won’t bother you while you do your work.


  • This treadmill was  the most comfortable one to walk on with the best shock absorbance thank to its seven layers of elastic compared to the usual five layers on most treadmills
  • Compared to most treadmills, this one also has more walk space of about 18 to 47 inches.
  • This treadmill is also lightweight and weighs only about 78 pounds. This means it is fairly portable. It can be stored away easily and saves space.
  • It has a clear Bluetooth display. What makes it unique, however, is the Bluetooth app that comes with it. You can use it to socialize, listen to music and much more.


  • It has the weakest motor on the list with only 1.6Hp
  • Its weight capacity is also 220 pounds which is not the most accommodating on the list.

5.   Umay portable Treadmill – Best Portable Under Desk Treadmill

I love this treadmill because it is a very well-designed and well-rounded treadmill. Not only is it super light and easily portable, but it even has foldable wheels making it even easier to move. I thought its price was also super affordable for the abundance of features it came with.

I loved the comfortable walking experience it gave me, although I would say that this treadmill is not for those looking to walk briskly. The treadmill only has a speed range of 0.5 to 4 mph.

The treadmill itself is pretty quiet, and it can even be used in a cubicle space with ease! It was easy to maintain as well, I tried the self-lubrication method, and it kept the treadmill running as smooth as butter.

Yes, its size is a bit small (it is 6 inches high, and the walking space is 41’’ x 16’’), but I’ll give it points for portability and easy storage.

The machine does beep a few times as I start walking, but there isn’t much of a disturbance once I get going. The only thing I can hear the sound of is my own footsteps and a low sound of the belt running.

It didn’t take me long to assemble either; it was fairly simple and easy. So, if you’re worried about that, don’t be. You’re in good hands.


  • Great portability and easy storage; It has foldable wheels and is lightweight (only weighs 55 pounds!)
  • The shock absorption of this treadmill is also reasonably good.
  • It displays the running speed, the time walked, the calories burned, and the distance covered all on an LED screen. It also comes with a remote to adjust speed and mode and turn the treadmill on or off. The treadmill has 12 programs as well to help you work your way through the exercise easily. In addition to all that, it has Bluetooth as well! So you can see there is no shortage of features on this one.
  • Its 1.5Hp motor makes very little to almost no sound (less than 50 DB)


  • This treadmill only has a weight limit of 198 pounds which is relatively low. It cannot be easily used by folks on the heavier end of the scale.
  • There is no incline function on this treadmill.

How Do You Decide Which Treadmill To Buy?

Choosing a good under-desk treadmill doesn’t merely depend on the motor or the range or seeds that it allows. Aside from features, you have to look into its design, quality, durability as well to make sure you’re getting the best value for money.

Here I’ve compiled a bit of a user’s guide for things to consider before you commit to buying an under-desk treadmill. It should help you sort your priorities out!

●    Speed

I would recommend that you check out the speed limits of your treadmill before getting it. Most treadmills can easily accommodate speeds between 0.5-5mph. But you also have to note that an average adult walking speed is 3 mph.

So if you plan to walk briskly or even run on the standing treadmill, get one that can accommodate your size and has the speed you want. I was fine with just walking because running tends to be too strenuous for me and tires me out too quickly, but you can see what you prefer.

●      Weight Capacity

You might also want to consider the weight capacity on the treadmill before you buy it. It is usually recommended that you get a treadmill whose upper-end weight capacity is at least 5 to 10 pounds more than your weight to keep the motor running smoothly.

●      Noise

Yes, treadmills do produce some degree of noise no matter how good its parts are.

Even if it’s not because of the motor and the parts functioning, noise can be produced because of your steps on the belt. The different components of a treadmill are prone to squeaking as well.

So while you can’t completely cancel out the noise that a treadmill produces, you can minimize it and bring it down to a level that doesn’t bother you and distract you from your work. Again, I invite you to check out my 11 tips for reducing treadmill noise.

The treadmills I’ve included in this list are of this nature and will do minimum interference with your concentration and focus while you work.

●      Features

Depending on your needs, here are a couple of features you might want to consider:

  • A Calorie Tracker: This can show you how many calories you have burned and can be satisfying to look at. It can also help keep track of any calorie-burning goals you might have.
  • Incline Function: An incline function is great for properly taking advantage of and utilizing the ergonomic properties of the treadmill, and it is another important feature you might want to consider getting.
  • Auto-pause: Some treadmills come with the auto-pause feature, which essentially means that the treadmill stops working once you step off of it. This can be a convenient safety feature to have.
  • Safety Cord: For safety purposes, this cord that will cut the power supply to the motor when pulled. In this way, if you fall, the power to the motor will immediately be cut off, and the treadmill will stop, minimizing damage.
  • A Remote Control: Some treadmills come with a remote control to help control their speeds and functions. If you are one for convenience, you might want to look into one that has that.
  • Showing Distance/Counting Steps: This shows you how much distance you’ve walked or how many steps you’ve made.
  • Heat Rate Monitor: Some treadmills have this feature where they can even show you your pulse. This might be beneficial if you’re trying to keep your pulse up to a certain level or if you are a heart patient.

●      Size

You should have adequate space for your under-desk treadmill, and it should be large enough for your size.

55 to 60-inch belts are good for an average-sized person, but you might want to consider a 6-foot belt if you are taller and have longer strides. The width of the belt depends completely on your personal preference. Some people prefer thinner belts (especially if they have a fear of falling sideways), and others like wider belts to have more space to walk. The average belt width is about 2 inches.

You also have to look into the platform height and whether your standing desk will be able to accommodate it. Usually, platforms are anywhere between 6 to 10 inches high.

●      Usage

Think about this one carefully. How long do you plan on using your treadmill on a daily or weekly basis? Get a more resilient and heavy-duty one if you want to use it for 6-8hours a day. Users who only plan to use it 1-3 hours a day can get one that has a less powerful motor and weaker construction.

●      Maintenance

The maintenance of most treadmills doesn’t require much. All you have to do is inspect and clean it once every three months and keep your belt centered. Lubricate the belt properly as well to keep it running effectively and reduce the noise.

●      Portability

If you move workstations a lot, you might want to get a treadmill that’s lightweight and easily portable. Consider getting one with wheels or even one that is foldable under your desk.

●      Safety

Treadmills are usually safe for most environments, but it’s a good idea to take the surroundings into consideration as well. Will there be kids around? Are you using the treadmill at home or work? Do you have enough space so you don’t bump into it by accident every time you open the door?

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with enough information to buy a great under-desk treadmill for your requirements. These are some of the quietest models available, and if that’s your main concern, any one of these 5 treadmills will be satisfactory. So I hope you will soon reap the benefits of tackling your work and exercise goals in unison!

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