10 Best Quiet Toys for Toddlers for Church Service & Other Quiet Times

Attending a church service with your toddler can be a wonderful experience for you as a parent or a family member. But the little one is probably not going to understand what’s going on.

The large quiet space can be frightening for a small child. I remember going to church as a child and feeling anxious because everyone was so quiet and there was nothing for me to do. It was seriously boring and painful.

Many children start to act out in these situations by screaming and crying. This will cause you to spend most of your time in church quieting your child rather than participating with all your heart. Plus, it will annoy others around you who came in expecting a quiet and concentrated prayer and communion.

But there is a way to prevent all of this from happening. Your toddler can have a great time in church if you take some quiet toys to the church. These will keep him or her distracted without causing any noise.

And who knows, maybe your little one decides that church is not boring after all, and finds it to be a pleasurable experience. And isn’t that exactly what you were trying to do in the first place?

So here the 10 best quiet toys for church service that will satisfy any toddler’s or a younger child’s imagination.

Quiet Books:

1. My Bible Quiet Book

Why not keep the toys you bring to church relevant? This is a toddler-friendly Bible, completely made out of soft material, and ideal for taking to a church service.

It’s a detailed and hand-made cloth book that depicts the wonderful stories from the Bible in a picturesque manner. It’s also an excellent Bible book for slowly introducing a small child into the fundamental stories of their religion.

The kid can also learn buttoning, zipping, snapping and more actions as they go through the pages. These can occupy a small child for hours.

This would also be a nice gift for a grandchild or a niece, and one that has more than one practical purpose other than entertainment.

2. My LDS Quiet Book

This quiet book is made specifically for Mormons who wish to slowly introduce their little one to their religion’s fundamental beliefs. It’s made in the same style, with additional stories.

It’s a fourteen page handcrafted cloth book that also provides features such as zipping, buttoning, snapping and the rest of it. But all of these are completely quiet, making  this an ideal quiet book for a church service, family meetings etc.

The parents absolutely love this book because its useful, durable and designed in a lovely way.

3. Old Testament Quiet Book

Here is another soft and fun religious surprise your kid would absolutely love. Personally, the story of Noah and about Samson and Delilah were my favorite as a kid. Both of them are really wonderfully depicted here.

With this book you can rest assured that your little one will fall in love with the Old Testament and possibly that love will carry him long into the future.

This quiet book is completely soft and cuddly, making it a good companion for any trip or even as an extra cuddly friend when it’s time to go to sleep.

4. My Quiet Book for Toddlers (by Pocket Learning)

This is a more general quiet book that is ideal for acquainting your toddler with common objects and facts about their environment.

They can learn how to tie the shoes, buckle up, tell the time, what buttons are and much more. This is a highly interactive quiet book but it’s still completely quiet and therefore ideal for church service.

The good thing about it is that all the pieces are tethered to the book so none will get lost. And just like the other books on this list it’s got padded handles as well.

5. ToBeReadyForLife – A Cloth Book for Newborn Babies & Toddlers

This is a great little interactive cloth book that depicts animals and various objects in a stimulating way. It’s a soft and plush present that any newborn and toddler would love to have.

Completely machine washable, made of durable material and colorful beyond belief, each page also features a small story related to the animal or object.

This is a great way to introduce your baby to reading and books in general and makes for a good bedtime story book.

And just like the other quiet books on this list, it would also be a good way to keep your toddler occupied during church service.

6. What Should I Wear? – A Quiet Book

This is a book that will definitely spark the interest of your girl even if she’s slightly older. It provides all the soft and quiet benefits of other quiet books on the list, but it’s focused on clothes, dresses, how one should dress properly in different circumstances and things of that nature.

This will definitely come in handy if you’d like your baby to pick up quickly some basic knowledge on to dress in snowy weather, to a birthday party and other events that certainly await in the future. This can be a huge advantage if it can be taught in a relaxed and interesting manner.

This is why I feel like it’s a fun course with extreme practicality attached to it. Plus, it’s the most affordable quiet book on this list, so it’s worth considering especially for a baby girl who’s already navigating towards Barbie dolls and similar toys.

Other fun quiet toys:

1. Noah’s Ark – Magnetic Fun Tin

Magnets are an excellent alternative to quiet books.

This is a full-color play surface with 3 sheets of magnets and 50 magnet animals, Noah and other accessories, all designed as one would imagine it to be.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself stealing this one from your kid to pass the time and relax!

These sturdy magnets are durable and they’re a good way to keep your child entertained and learning different animals and colors in a fun and quiet way.

However, some of these magnets are rather small, so the child you’re buying this for should be at least 3 years old.

2. Magnetic Fun – Cars, Planes and Trains

Have you ever met a toddler that isn’t absolutely fascinated with cars, planes and trains? Me neither!

Magnetic Fun package features 3 magnet sheets and 55 magnets of different transportation devices that your kid will absolutely love. It comes in a collectible case that is easy to store and clean.

If you want your toddler to eventually become an engineer (or a NASCAR driver), this is certainly a good way to spark his or her interest!

Having said that, the minimum advised age is 3 years due to the size of the magnets.

3. Monkey Noodle String Fidgets

These elastic fidgets are perfect for hyperactive kids ages 3+. They can stretch them, make shapes out of them and simply keep themselves busy in a fun way without making laps around the benches or crying themselves out of boredom.

They might even pay some attention to Mass if they can only keep their hyperactivity under control. And this is where string fidgets can be immensely helpful, which is why they’re a also a common sight in classrooms throughout the country.

Adults use string fidgets as well in order to cope with high levels or anxiety or simply hyperactive fingers. It certainly beats smoking and biting fingernails!

4. Mickey Mouse Magnetic Zoo

Coming straight from Disney, this entertaining magnetic set is another quiet toy worth considering.

It’s a bit smaller than the other two mentioned before, but it’s still a boatload of fun.

With 24 magnets and 2 scenes to play around with inside the tin, it’s a good way to occupy your kid with one of the most famous cartoon characters in history – Mickey Mouse himself!

5. Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are always entertaining to children and they’re really small and convenient to carry around.

Whether you’ll place them on your own finger to entertain your toddler during church service or let them play on their own, it’s still a quiet and convenient solution.

Getting a good variety of colors and different characters will keep your little one busier and for a longer time. This is why the BETTERLINE set of 20 finger puppets is so popular.

6. Teething Toys

Teething can be quite painful and annoying to babies. The incessant crying can definitely be disruptive during a church service.

Teething toys are incredibly useful in this regard. These teething toys are shaped like various sweet fruit, they’re silicone and 100% safe. All the customer reviews are giving these toys 5 stars because they WORK!

This set also comes with a bonus pacifier clip that can be attached to the babies shirt.

If you want to soothe your babies teething pains, this is the way to do it.

7. Small plush toys

Instead of getting a large toy made out of hard plastic, small plush toys are much better for keeping the noise levels down. Small and soft toys for toddlers should be well crafted and durable.

The one that is really popular at the moment is the Fisher Price’s Seahorse. This toy has various features including gentle lullabies and soothing ocean sounds.

But there are also power and volume options available for quiet play, which makes it a good multi-functional toy for getting the baby to sleep and also for quiet play during church service.

Bonus Tips

If your toddler is crying and making a big fuss during church service, also consider implementing these tips to reduce the problem:

Bring a couple of toys to church service

This doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just bring some plush toys, a quiet book and a set of magnets. Variety is important. Kids get tired of one thing easily especially if they have to be in one place and keep quiet. Bringing a small bag of their favorite quiet toys can keep the situation under control.

Snacks can help

Children need to eat more often than adults. It’s the whole growing process that keeps them constantly on the lookout for food. Church service can seem like an eternity to a toddler, so eating before and bringing some snacks just in case can definitely be of help to keeping the noise and activity down.

Nap before church service

Contrary to what some parents think, your child will be more quiet if well rested.

Kids get cranky when they want to sleep but can’t because they’re in a public space. Especially in a church where it can get cold or the prayer doesn’t give them the quiet time they need.

If you have a 1-2 year old baby, simply feeding them before the service will probably have them sleeping without any problems during the service. But if your child is older than that, and it’s better that your kid is both well-fed and well-rested to behave appropriately.

Final Thoughts

There are many different quiet toys for toddlers and kids of various age.

These are the ones that me and my parents used for my younger siblings and they worked the best. We also tried crayons and puzzles but those didn’t have as big of an effect.

Toddlers need more stimulation from the toy itself, so colorful and interesting shapes and objects are better than simply handing them a crayon and some paper, although it’s certainly worth trying that as well.

Hope this helps and feel free to check out other useful content on the website.

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