How to Fix Car Seat Noise: 6 Fixes for a Squeaky Car Seat

Many people complain about car seat noise, especially squeaky sounds when driving on a bumpy road. There could be many causes for the squeakiness. I’ve addressed the most common ones in this article and how to fix them, so keep reading.

1. Tighten any loose screws

If there are any loose screws the car seat might slightly move when you’re driving, especially across rough terrain. So before doing anything else, make sure that the seat is firmly in place. Try moving it and see if it moves or not. If it does, there might be some loose screws, especially on the base. Use a screwdriver and tighten any loose screws you can find.

2. Address the seat belt

The female part of the seat belt can also be the culprit. When you’re driving the seat belt might also be moving slightly and producing a squeaky noise. Next time try holding unto the seat belt and see if the noise will stop or not.

3. It could be the spring net

The spring net is located inside the seat. One forum user heard noises from his car seat, so he removed it from the car and tried sitting on it. The noise was still present, and the problem was the “spring net” located inside the seat.

He had a guarantee and got the problem fixed. If this is the problem the best option is to replace the seat with a new one. If you want to try this out and need help with removing the car seat, I suggest reading this step-by-step guide.

4. Use a lubricant

The noise could originate from the base of the car seat and the spring, due to a lack of lubrication. Try lubricating the base of the seat with a proper lubricant like WD-40 and see if it helps. If it does, you’ve identified the problem and can know what to do in the future if it happens again. Here’s a helpful video tutorial for applying this fix:

Leather car seats can also require additional lubrication, and some Tesla owners were complaining about creaking leather noise. Many of them recommend the Krytox lubricant to be the best, long-term solution, with one application of the lubricant getting rid of the creaking sound for 6+ months.

5. Stuff a cloth between the seat back and pad

The squeaky noise could be coming from a structural problem. Namely the small gap between the seat back and the seat pad. The solution for this is very simple. Use a piece of cloth and stuff it inside this gap.

You can also try to fully depress the headrest onto the seat back. This will prevent any squeaky noises that might be coming from it. But I suggest placing the cloth first and seeing if it solves the problem or not. If it doesn’t, try lowering the headrest as well.

6. Squeaky suspension system

The sound could be coming from the suspension but you’re perceiving it as a car seat noise. In that case there’s no universal solution as there could be many possible issues at play. I suggest taking your car to a professional auto-mechanic and have it checked out.

Final Word: How to fix car seat noise

It’s annoying to drive a car in the anticipation of the noise coming from the seat. You’re just waiting for the first bump to ruin the driving experience. If you’re tired of this happening time and time again, I suggest trying out some of these fixes.

Most often the problem can easily be fixed by using a lubricant as shown in the fix number 4. If this doesn’t solve it, one of the other fixes will probably be the solution you’re looking for.

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