How to Reduce Blender Noise

Blenders are some of the loudest kitchen machines available. What’s even worse, the stronger the blender’s engine is, the more noise it produces.

But you’re not ready to give up on tasty and healthy smoothies just yet I imagine. So what can be done about it? How can you enjoy your Mad Mango smoothies without bursting your ear drums and without waking up your neighbors while preparing it?

There are a few tricks you can use to make your blender quieter. Some are only half-measures, while others can produce drastic noise reduction. So let’s check them out.

Use a blender sound enclosure

The whole point of any soundproofing project is to surround the noise with thick materials so that it can’t escape outside. That’s what blender sound enclosures are for. They surround the blender with thick plastic or glass which reduces the noise significantly.

Some blenders already have a sound enclosure, but most of them don’t. If you want to really soundproof your blender, you’ll need to get a professional sound enclosure that is designed for your blender.

Make a blender sound enclosure

Instead of buying a professional sound enclosure that costs anywhere between $100 to $200, you can make your own for a fraction of that price.

Wooden enclosures are the easiest to make and they work well against all types of noise. You can also add soundproofing foam to it to really seal the deal.

I wrote an article on how to create a soundproof box for a generator a while back. You can use the same procedure to make a soundproof box for your blender.

Move the blender away from the wall

It’s best to move the blender as much as you can away from the wall. Unless the wall is covered with soft material like acoustic panels. If it’s covered with ceramic tiles or any other hard material like that, it will bounce the sound back and create an echo. Which makes the noise worse than it has to be.

Place the blender on a silicone mat

Some of the noise from your blender can be reduced if you place it on a soft surface. It doesn’t matter too much what material you use. It can be a towel, a rag, a blanket or a silicone mat.

Use the blender at a different time

If you don’t want to annoy your neighbors, it’s best to use the blender in the morning or in the afternoon, rather than at night. This is common sense. After 9 PM, you shouldn’t be using the blender if you care about the people around you. Unless you’re using a blender with a sound enclosure of course, or you’ve soundproofed the room sufficiently so that noise cannot travel outside.

Soundproof the wall/door/floor/ceiling/

This brings us to the next point. Soundproofing your kitchen or some other small and noisy part of the home will allow you to use the blender without worrying about the noise. You don’t even have to soundproof the entire room. Just cover the wall(s) that separate you from the neighbors. That can be any wall, ceiling and floor.

Here are some guides I’ve written on this subject. Feel free to use this info in your kitchen or other place you want to soundproof:

How to soundproof a door

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How to soundproof floors

How to soundproof a ceiling

How to soundproof a window

Soundproofing one wall with acoustic panels or Mass Loaded Vinyl can cost you less than just one sound enclosure for your blender. It’s worth checking out.

Use earmuffs while blending

You might be scared that your blender will burst your ear drums. It’s a valid concern. Without a sound enclosure to muffle the noise, you are in real danger of developing hearing loss after a few blending sessions.

To prevent this from happening, you can use ear muffs while preparing your smoothie. You can get a pair from anywhere between $10-$20.

Get a silent blender

Don’t feel like patching up your blender or kitchen with soundproofing material? In that case, your best option is to buy a silent blender that has an in-built sound enclosure.


I didn’t mention the Mad Mango smoothie for nothing. I munch on it almost every morning! I lost around 20 pounds in 4 months after replacing my regular breakfast with this smoothie. I still love the flavor and it fills me up for 6-7 hours, basically till my lunch break. This is the recipe that I use. I hope you’ll like it!

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