Quietest Top Load Washing Machines in 2024: Tested Reviews!

Washing machines are nowadays almost a necessity. However, some are pretty loud and they can be disruptive to the environment. Much of the noise comes from vibrations of the machine on the floor. But some engines are also louder than others.

I still remember my old Frigidaire machine from the early 2000s. It would literally jump on the floor during the spin cycle. If you found yourself anywhere near it during the spin cycle you’d wake up in an emergency room the next day… or not at all.

It was both a humorous and terrifying device. So when you’re choosing a quite (and safe) washing machine, it’s important that it doesn’t vibrate too much, and also that the engine is well soundproofed and operates quietly.

In this article I’ve reviewed the 4 quietest top load washing machines that are different in terms of price, size and available features. If you get any one of these machines, you won’t have problems with the noise. This makes it easier to wash clothes during the night or early in the morning. So you finally put the insomnia to good use without bothering the kids or the old next-door neighbors.

Quietest Top Load Washers

Most of the washers on this list are portable and small. They would fit great in a smaller laundry room or bathroom. Smaller washers tend to be quieter because they have to do less work and therefore don’t require excessive engine power. So without further ado here are the quietest top loaders:

1. Haier HLP24E 1.5 cu. ft. Portable Washer – Alternative Small & Quiet Top Loader

This top load washer is a bit larger and heavier, at 61 pounds. But it’s also been getting excellent reviews so far.

Main features:

  • 800 RPM maximum spin speed
  • Clear plastic window
  • Dimensions are: 20.1(D)x 35.5(H) x 19.7(W) inches
  • Has LED Display and electronic controls
  • 4 Wash Cycles
  • 2 Special Options – Rinse & Spin, Spin Only
  • 4 Water Levels
  • Single Water Hose Connection + Quick Connect Sink Adapter

It also has practical handles for easier carrying and lifting. This is a solid alternative to the Mini Twin Tub washer if you’re dealing with more laundry but are on a tight budget. It’s still pretty compact and would fit in most smaller bathrooms. Here is a user video showing this washer in action:

2. Kenmore 26132 Top Load Washer – Quietest Standard Washer

This washer is a quiet beast, with 4.8 cubic foot capacity. It can clean about 24 large towels at once, so that gives you the idea on how much clothes you can wash at the same time.

It’s basically a good choice for larger households. Plus it’s Energy Star certified, so it’s a money saver in terms of power. The price is also pretty affordable when you take the size and features into consideration.

It’s also one of the quietest larger washers on the market due to superior insulation material employed inside the tough plastic structure. On top of that it allegedly produces way less vibrations during the spin cycle than other washers of similar size.

Why exactly does it produce less vibrations? I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve seen this mentioned on multiple discussion boards. You should not base your opinion of a product only on anecdotal evidence. But it’s a nice addition to see what other users have to say about it.

Main features:

  • stainless steel tub with Triple Action Impeller – improved cleaning capabilities
  • Stain Boost option for tougher stains withe extended wash time
  • Deep Fill option for higher water levels on select cycles
  • 134 pounds heavy
  • includes washer, cord and drain hose
  • ENERGY STAR certified

The reviews on Amazon are shared between this washer and two more Kenmore washers. The “Elite” washer is grabbing a lot of negative reviews, but this one is getting most of the 4 and 5 star reviews. So don’t get the two mixed together when going through them.

Overall this is a really good and slick looking washer. It would be a good choice for families that have a decent amount of laundry to clean every week and are at the same time trying to reduce the noise in their laundry room. And here’s how it looks in action:

3. Kenmore Elite 31553 – The Most Affordable Quiet Large Washer

This washer is only for the elite readers. It looks so nice that I think it would make my wife jelaous. So before even considering Kenmore Elite, check with your spouse first.

Joking aside, this is a powerful washer that can take a huge load of clothes, spin it like crazy and provide extra cleanliness. At the same time keeping it on the hush, allowing you to get undisturbed beauty sleep.

Main features are:

  • weighs 145.7
  • dimensions: 28.4 x 27 x 38 inches
  • made from stainless steel
  • 5. 2. cubic feet capacity
  • 14 cycles and 14 unique and customizable wash options
  • Accela Wash gets clothes extra clean in 30 minutes
  • Steam Treat is useful for eliminating tougher stains
  • Cold Clean Cycle uses cold water as effectively as warm water cycles
  • Allergen Cycle uses steam to get rid of common allergens such as dust mites and pet dander from standard and delicate fabrics
  • Includes room of choice delivery and hook-up
  • Warranty requires contacting customer service

The delivery for this washer is great. As far as performance is concerned, you can see the cool washing options for yourself. This washer also takes less water than regular ones. It also has a delicate cycle for more sensitive fabrics. The thick and durable stainless steel construction blocks more noise than the usual plastic ones. Probably the best thing about Kenmore Elite is the price. Considering all the awesome features and the capacity that it provides, it’s also pretty affordable.

The customer reviews however are mixed to say the least. Some users love it, others have had trouble with water levels. They claim that the washer doesn’t fill up enough to wash the clothes. However, this may have something to do with a part not working properly. Otherwise it would be a problem that everyone notices. But the majority of users provided 5 stars to Kendore Elite, claiming that the “deep fill” feature allows them to wash large loads of clothing.

Every product is a risk I guess. You can buy the latest Iphone and the next day the screen comes off for no reason. And another person uses the same Iphone for 5 years without any problems (although I’d like to see that!). Another problem with customer reviews is that the people who are satisfied with the product comment disproportionately less than people who encounter problems. If people who are happy and those who aren’t reviewed equally, the ratio of positive-negative reviews would be much different. Especially with products that already have a lot more positive reviews.

4. Speed Queen TR7000WN Top Load Washer – Quietest High-End Washer

This is one of the overall best washers at the moment. This 180 pound American is made from stainless steel. Sort of like Superman! It was manufactured in the middle of 2017. and I haven’t seen any washer that can compete with it in terms of quietness, cleaning power and additional features.

Main features:

  • 3.2 cubic feet capacity
  • 8 wash cycles
  • 840 RPM motor
  • elegant touch pad display
  • durable stainless steel material
  • has tubs that spin during the draining process, to prevent dirt from lingering in the wash
  • 3 temperature settings for extra safety
  • bleach and fabric softener dispensers that distribute those products automatically during the correct cycle
  • extra rinse option for super clean clothes
  • Energy Star certification

This is the most expensive washer on this list and should be considered a long-term investment in quality.  If you’re on the higher end of the social ladder or simply determined to have the best appliances in your home, this is the washer to shoot for. It’s large and strong enough to power through big loads of laundry. Plus the stainless steel structure makes it more durable than lower budget options.

Having said all this, here’s some discouraging information. In 2018. the quality of this model plummeted. This caused a stir online, as the allegedly same models produced in 2017. and 2018. did not perform equally well. The 2018. model performed poorly, and buyers were not happy about it.

From the most recent information I could gather, Speed Queen hast switched back to the performance settings of the 2017. model. It’s a shame that they would risk a long-standing positive reputation simply to save time on proper testing and earn a few more bucks. However, the issue has been resolved so I’m confident in recommending this high quality washer once more.

BONUS TIP – How to reduce noise from a washing machine?

Unfortunately the mad scientists still haven’t come up with a completely silent washing machine. Until we wait for that to happen, there are a few simple ways to reduce the noise further regardless of the washer you have at home.

  • REDUCE VIBRATIONS ON THE FLOOR – Vibrations during the spin cycle produce tons of impact noise. Especially if the washer is placed on a hard surface like ceramic tiles, concrete or hardwood floor. Most modern washers have some rubber on the corners to minimize this impact noise, but it’s usually not enough and the machine can sometimes jump on the floor like a small kangaroo. The simplest and cheapest way to prevent this is to use anti-vibration and anti walk pads for washers. Place them under each corner of your washer and you’ll notice a clear difference immediately during the next spin cycle.
  • REDUCE THE ECHO AND AIRBORNE NOISE – Placing soundproofing material on the walls surrounding the washer will create an additional noise-blocking barrier. You don’t have to go over the top here. Using regular acoustic panels can be helpful because they’ll reduce the echo and sound reverberation in the room, and absorb some of the noise that would usually bounce straight on the wall. Here are some great acoustic panels to choose from.
  • SEAL THE GAPS – If the door of the laundry room or bathroom where your washer is located has any gaps, you should definitely take care of them. Any open spaces, no matter how small, will let noise travel freely. The main gaps are found between the door panel and the door frame. Cover these gaps by cover the frame with a layer or two of weatherstripping tape. Once you’re finished there should be a seal when the door is closed. The second gap is underneath the door. It’s common for interior doors to have this small gap between them and the floor. It doesn’t serve any purpose and just lets noise, draft and bugs move freely from one room to the next. To block this gap use any door sweep. You don’t have to get fancy about this. As long as you’ve covered the gap you’ve done a good job. Alternatively, you can cover the gap with a towel or a similar material until the door sweep arrives.

Final Thoughts

I also prefer top loading machines because I’ve used them all my life. And these are some of the finest on the market. On this list I’ve made sure to include some variety in terms of size and price. It’s still true that smaller machines are quieter.

So if you plan on getting a more powerful one, make sure that the manufacturers have addressed the noise problem specifically. That’s why I’ve included Kenmore 26132 and Speed Queen TR7000WN as both companies are sensitive to this problem.

I hope this information and advice helps, and I wish you many quiet spinning cycles!

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