Top 6 Quietest Under-Desk Bikes in 2022: Tested Reviews!

Being a blogger AND a passionate gamer it’s hard to find time to commit to a gym membership. So, I have been looking for ways to burn some calories while sitting at my desk.

However, I have very sensitive ears to the sound of machines at work. I’m not proud of it! But I find it hard to concentrate on my work when I can hear a piece of equipment huffing and puffing underneath me. Or maybe that’s just me?

Joking aside, I started my “Burning-Calories-While-Working” journey with one of these quietest under desk treadmills. Then, I wanted to dial it up a bit and switched to an under desk elliptical.

Recently, I got an email by a reader who asked if I could provide recommendations for some quiet under desk bikes as well. Turns out I’m not alone with my sensitive ears for this sort of equipment. Besides, an under desk elliptical was becoming “too easy” for me (even at the highest resistance).

I ended up testing 15 of the most popular models on the market over a period of 60 days. The following 6 models lived up to my expectations in terms of quietness, difficulty levels, tech options, quality of material and comfort. Don’t worry, I took their price into consideration as well!

And just to be clear, you will find on this list under desk bikes and stationary bikes equipped with desks. Both can be a great “work & exercise” option.


In case you have no time to read my reviews, here are Amazon links to the winners of my rigorous tests:

  1. FlexiSpot Desk Bike Chair
  2. Vive Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser
  3. DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike
  4. EXERPEUTIC EXERWORK Bluetooth Folding Desk Bike
  5. Wakeman Fitness Portable Under Desk Bike
  6. FitDesk Under Desk Bike Pedal Machine

Now, read more about the pros and cons of each of these bad boys!

1. FlexiSpot Desk Bike Chair

What I Liked: What I Didn’t Like:
✅ Easy assembly (took less than 5 minutes)✅ Very Quiet (even at high resistance)

✅ Real bike feel

❌ Desktop is hard to adjust.❌ No backlight on the display.

❌ Smaller seat. (Would prefer it slightly bigger)

Looking at the picture, you might wonder if it is an under-desk bike or a bike with a desk. The answer is that the desk can easily be detached from the bike that makes it go under a standard office desk.

However, I placed it in my bedroom where I assigned a nook to home office. So, I kept the table on. The table is quite spacious, and I could easily place my laptop and phone. I would also occasionally put a power bank charging my phone.

It is very quiet. Hardly heard any squeaks when I was working and pedalling. Plus, it felt like biking on a real bicycle. However, there is no Bluetooth connectivity. I would have liked to track my activity if it had.

It’s a little expensive. (more than $400) But it’s everything you’re looking for in a training bike. It’s sturdy. It’s quiet. It’s aesthetically pleasing. And easy to move around. So, as a satisfied consumer, I wouldn’t be too skeptical about it being high-end. This is my choice numero uno!

2. Vive Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

What I Liked: What I Didn’t Like:
✅ Affordability (just under $100)✅ Light weight

✅ Compact Design (folds for storage)

❌ Had to use Wd40 to silence the squeaks❌ Slips on smooth surfaces

❌ Not very durable.

Okay, I must confess that I used WD40 to stop the squeaks soon after using it. But I put it on the list because it’s an easy fix and it was very silent after that. Had to tell my readers though! Watch out! We don’t keep secrets here! 😉

So, it’s quiet. However, I don’t know if it was just me or if the resistance I was using was too much. Because I had very bad leg cramps after using it for a couple of days. If I kept to 45 minutes or less, it’d probably be okay. But that wasn’t my goal, I like to pedal for an hour and a half twice a day. So, I gave it up because something didn’t feel right for me.

I’d recommend it for seniors who are looking for low to moderate resistance pedaling and for shorter training intervals.

3. DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

What I Liked: What I Didn’t Like:
✅ Resistance range (very easy to quite hard)✅ Very Quiet.

✅ Sturdy.

❌ A bit heavy.❌ Took more time to assemble than others.

❌ Didn’t comfortably fit under my desk.

The next bike I really liked was the Deskcycle 2. A worthwhile purchase for regular use. It’s very quiet. I didn’t have any problems with it during testing.

The resistance levels are commendable. You are bound to feel the difference as you go up a level in the resistance. Did it feel like a proper workout though? Hell yeah! I was sweating while pedaling at high resistance and I didn’t even reach the top level so it allows some room for improvement.

The only drawback I found was that with the desk I had, I bumped my knees while pedaling. So if your desk is fairly low, it could be an issue. But as soon as I changed the desk, that wasn’t a problem anymore. Another thing worth mentioning is that it’s fairly heavy. But that keeps it from slipping away when you are using it.

It took me a little while to assemble it. But I blame my over-confidence for that. Because it looked like I could do it without reading the instructions since I got to assemble a lot of equipment like this already. But I was wrong. So, I’d say fight your instinct and follow the assembly instructions. It should take you less than ten minutes to assemble it if you do so.


What I Liked: What I Didn’t Like:
✅ Straight forward assembly.✅ Comfortable and quiet.

✅ Compact design and spacious desk

❌ App is hard to use.❌ Backrest is a little too far.

The resistance levels on the bike are significantly different from each other. And it is quiet. I had some issues with the backrest (it was too far behind) but that was an easy fix. I used a cushion to get comfortable. So, I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are under 5’6”.

The assembly is straightforward with clearly labeled parts. It comes with or without Bluetooth. I don’t know how useful it is without Bluetooth because I got the one with Bluetooth. You get a free app to monitor your activity too. But I found it hard to use. You need to be close to the bike to explore its contents. I’d like to do it lying on my bed. (Okay, maybe I’m a lazy brat.)

All-in-all it’s a great bike. But I’m not sure if it’s worth calling an “under-desk” bike. Because although you get an all-in-one desk and bike. You can carry on with your cardio while working on your computer. It doesn’t go under a desk… if that makes sense.

5. Wakeman Portable Under Desk Stationary Bike

What I Liked: What I Didn’t Like:
✅ Affordability (a lower budget option)✅ Light and portable (weighs only 5 pounds)

✅ Compact Design (folds for storage)

❌ Some cheap plastic parts❌ Less resistance than others

❌ Narrow pedals

This is a very basic-looking under desk bike, and it’s performance is very basic as well. However, if you are tight on budget or just want to try one out for the sake of it, it might just be the right choice for you.

Just like any other fitness bike, it has a resistance dial. So, you turn the knob/dial (whatever you want to call it…) and the resistance can be changed. Up or down.

The difference in the resistance levels is noticeable. So, higher resistance levels are good enough for a “cardio-at-work”. But if you compare the resistance its competitors have to offer, then it lags a bit. But hey, it’s under $35, so what’d you expect

It’s pretty quiet, so it makes the list as a very low budget option. Also because the non-slip pedals kept me steady throughout the test!

6. FitDesk Under Desk Bike Pedal Machine

What I Liked: What I Didn’t Like:
✅ Smooth and silent motion.✅ Commendable Resistance levels.

✅ Compact Design (folds for storage)

❌ Didn’t fit well under my desk❌ The display is corded.

❌ Developed a sound over time.

This bike caused no sound during the first few weeks, and I used it every third day on average. But after that, there was a bit of noise. It wasn’t squeakiness, it sounded like it’s coming from the inside. Nonetheless, it was a very low volume sound and didn’t bother me too much.

The pedals are superb on this one. They work so smoothly that you may not even realize you are pedaling. That doesn’t mean the resistance levels are off. There is quite a significant change in resistance as you move up the resistance levels but it feels very.. ergonomic?

As far as screens go, I’m not a big fan of the corded display. You need to attach the display to the bike using a cord to be able to monitor your activity. Blue tooth connectivity would be a game changer.

Plus, you will need to keep a note of the dimensions of your desk before you buy this product. That’s coming from someone who bumped their knees at a 26” deep desk while pedaling.

One last thing, not a biggie though! It could do with a handle. I’m not sure whether it’s a consideration for you but it did cross my mind when I was moving it.


There is a saying, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. But why choose between one or the other? With one of these super quiet under-desk bikes you can save time by getting your fitness on track. All the while being fully engaged in your desk-bound activities, whether work or play related.

Stay fit, stay healthy and we’ll talk soon!

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